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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Me

I am a Master’s level Registered Social Worker and a psychotherapist located in North York, Toronto. I combine knowledge and experience accumulated over 15 years of work in mental health research with professional training at the University of Toronto. I love what I do.

Therapeutic Approach

I draw on the breadth of therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, interpersonal (IPT), cognitive behavioural (CBT), Emotion-Focused and Narrative therapies. I incorporate mindfulness throughout to help ground and regulate strong emotional states and to develop a non-judgmental awareness toward one’s self . Though I am trained in the therapeutic modalities listed above, I rarely use one approach exclusively. These are all evidence-based practices and it truly depends on what a person I am working with needs and prefers. We decide on the approach together when we meet and you share your concerns and struggles, and what you hope to achieve.

I work with emotions regardless of the approach chosen as we often learn to ignore and even fear what we feel. When this happens, we can no longer experience a full range of emotions - we are often either numb or angry. This also impedes our ability to experience positive emotions as we cannot pick and choose which emotions we want to feel. However, emotions are there to tell us what we need and when we lose touch with our emotions, we cannot even say what it is that we need to be well. Clients often worry that by opening their emotional floodgates, they will lose control over their lives. In fact, the opposite is true: when you develop your innate ability to experience a full range of emotions, they take their rightful place and help you become emotionally and psychologically resilient.

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