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Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is a world renowned evidence-based therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. It is based on over 30 years of research and practice. Meta-analyses looking at EFT show a 75% recovery rate form marital distress in just 10 to 12 sessions and 90% rate of significant improvement  - even in long term outcome studies.

When couples are in distress, some couples disagree, fight and repeatedly engage in negative patterns of blaming, criticizing, defending and withdrawing. In a patterned fashion, this often leads partners to fight, avoid, distance, emotionally or physically withdraw or to become detached from each other. The focus of EFT is to understand the underlying, often unspoken reasons and attachment-related significance and impact of these patterns and to help partners to express their vulnerable emotions to each other. 

Traditional types of couples therapy tend to be open-ended, focus on behavior change, teach negotiation and communication skills or minimize the importance of interdependence. In contrast, the EFT approach hones in on increasing a couple's attunement and empathy in order to build trust and create a safe haven and secure base.  In EFT, we focus on helping you create and build more secure bonds with each other. We help you turn to each other when you are most vulnerable, and we foster accessibility, responsiveness, and emotional engagement when you take the risk of expressing your underlying feelings and needs.

In the EFT approach, couples learn to recognize the negative cycle that keeps them stuck where often one person pursues and criticizes and the other responds defensively or withdraws or both pursue or both withdraw. Couples learn to identify the needs and fears that keep them in that negative cycle and they learn to identify and express their underlying emotions in a way that transforms the repetitive negative cycle into a more positive and secure relationship that enables the couple to more easily resolve their problems on their own.

To learn more about this practice, please, visit  the International Center for Excellence in EFT http://iceeft.com/

(Excerpt taken from http://iceeft.com)  

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